Pangea project

Painting   Engraving

The sign, which is the main unit of measure of expression and communication, becomes a painted image and an engraving on material.

Scratching upon some form of material and transforming it means owning it, and encapsulating the elements involved with our existence within its form means controlling and exorcising them, all of which becomes a cathartic activity.

Signage  Icons

Portraits and reflective surfaces in which we can see ourselves; 16 faces of icons in the broad sense of the term, of brilliance and creativity, but an icon is also a sacred image or symbol that represents a likeness of reality. Icons depicted in an abstract space that is not the gold of sacred images but frequency bands and pixels, surrounded by all kinds of graphic signs. Writing has not disappeared from a world that is focused on communication consisting exclusively of images through technological means, rather it has evolved and entered the virtual world as the communication of human beings. Faces that have undergone a process of digital abstraction and depersonalization that is typical of mass culture, unique characters look at us and reflect on the reality before them. A faded memory is all that is left: individuals that today we can consider as predictable, reflecting on the state of our times, humanity reduced to “operational whitewash” and “simulation of the species”.