Mixed media

Pangea project

Painting   Engraving

The sign, which is the main unit of measure of expression and communication, becomes a painted image and an engraving on material.

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SIGN in movement (Chaos)

The frenzy of the signs and communication, the ambivalence of man always torn between two opposites: good and evil, the certainty of progress and the fragility of his innate, sensitive being, biology versus the mechanical and electronic. Chaos in both senses of the word: the disorder of things and the formless primordial state, confusion and silent void before creation of the universe.

SIGN mutations

INK / mutation

Mutating nature, humanity in constant evolution, bits and DNA project us into spaces that are empty or full of anxiety. Ink creates a sense of drama.

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Social Error – digital archeology


Synesthesia seriality seduction

Baudelaire prophesized that the work art would lose its “aura”, in other words  its unique existence  would become ephemeral and transient; decades later Walter Benjamin wrote “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction”.

The eyes of the artist now communicate with the eyes of the viewer through the code of language and dissemination that is typical of mass culture, and interaction occurs in accordance with these new codes and machines are the sensory and artificial “prostheses” of our body. 


Today, the human body is used to promote products and is itself becoming a consumer product. The parts of the body that are the most visible and most exploited by the culture of the image to the extent that they are decorated and embellished as objects of sensuality and seduction are those that are associated with the senses: the eyes, the mouth, the nose, the ears and the hands. This is precisely what I mean by seriality; moreover, it represents the impact of each individual on the collective and the multimedia of a society that continues to grow demographically.

 Artistic expression, whose offspring is the “image”, originated as an expression of desire. Art has the sovereign power to express Evil: cathartic activity placates the soul, frees the emotions, sublimates one’s obsessions and desires. In contemporary society, Evil proliferates in the name of transparency, all the messages and all the codes become mixed up and interact with each other. The boundaries between Good and Evil are evanescent and, despite the excess of positivity, the seduction of the image continues to emanate Evil in the general indifference of an artificial, mass media and (self) programmed society. Every artist expresses the object of his/her desire, which is a part of Evil.

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